I want to help you discover your authentic, best, current self and reveal her to the world

Are you living the life you want to live?

Like it or not, our entire lives are a series of transformations. Our bodies are changing every day from the cradle to the grave. The only question is: do you want to shape your life, or are you willing to just sit back and be swept along, allowing time and circumstance shape you? 

I believe that we all have enormous power to transform ourselves. And I want to help you discover and use your own capability to change.

Why I do what I do

Several years ago, I set out to change my life. I had always been unhappy with my weight, and I decided to get fit and lean. I accomplished that:

  • I shed 63 kg 
  • I went from someone who had never run in their life to running three marathons in a year
  • I went from never having learned to ride a bike as a child to riding in 100-km and 160-km events. 

But what surprised me the most was that when I learned to change my body, I learned to change my life:

  • I went from being painfully shy — too shy to even ask a stranger for the time — to having the confidence to talk to literally anyone. 
  • I went from being too self-conscious to even dance at my own wedding to taking up ballet as an adult and even opening my own barre studio
  • I went from being so fearful of the dentist that I needed gas for even simple treatments to being able to have even very intrusive procedures done with no sedation other than my own ability to calm myself with breathwork.
  • And I found the courage to question something as ingrained as my own gender identity and learn that it isn’t the one I was brought up with. 

Having learned all this about myself, my burning passion now is to help women create change in their lives — even massive change. If that’s you, I want to help you discover your authentic, best, current self and reveal her to the world

Next steps

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