Tools I use

I do not believe any single tool offers all the answers and all the solutions to assisting in personal transformation. The tools and techniques listed below are those that I have found personally meaningful enough to train in and earn certifications in. When I feel that someone would benefit more from an approach that I do not offer, I am very happy to refer them on to my wide network of other coaches, trainers, and therapists.

  • Breathwork: multiple techniques including Conscious Circular Breathing and Dr Belisa Vranich’s “Breathe” method
  • Coaching: life coaching, with relationship coaching to come
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Movement: multiple methods including barre, flexiblility, pilates (matwork and reformer), and yin yoga. I am presently studying pregnancy yoga
  • Positive psychology and Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Touch therapy: cuddle therapy

In 2022, I am expanding my knowledge of:

  • nutrition
  • movement during pregnancy and while post-partum
  • pelvic floor conditioning

I hold a current First Aid Certificate and Mental Health First Aid Certificate

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