Barre en l’air

In October 2018, in partnership with a friend, I founded Barre en l’air , a barre and pilates studio on George Street in the Brisbane CBD. For eighteen months, it was an oasis of joyful movement in the hustle and bustle of the city’s legal precinct.

Eventually, the COVID pandemic forced the studio to close, but I will forever treasure what I learned from operating the studio, and the beautiful friendships forged with the instructors who formed part of our community, and of course our beautiful clients.

Our motto was ‘we rise together’ and as I again work with people who want to change their lives, I continue that legacy in my work.

Our vision statement

At Barre en l’air we believe that movement is more than just exercise — it is joy • that energies are contagious • that there is beauty in simplicity • that we create our own happiness • that what we seek is seeking us • in being kind always • that we’re each a limited edition • that life is beautiful • in making the most out of every sunrise • that there is always, always something to be grateful for • in saying “yes” to new adventures • that your tribe always has your back, and that…


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